About Us

Company History

Proudly serving the South Island region Drains and Developments was established in 2003 by Peter Sutherland and his son Phil.  They have worked together shaping Drains and Developments into one of Christchurch’s up and coming drainage firms. Covering services not only in the drainage field but including demolitions, excavations, earthworks, road construction, foundation site works and cartage.

Their fast growing fleet comprises of excavators, rollers, bobcats, a transporter and cartage trucks.

Drains and Developments approach to each new project has steadily grown in capacity over the  past 5 years through acquisitions, entering into new markets especially after September 2010 earthquake and engaging with new customers continually.

The key to our success is though our employees, who demonstrate daily the commitment to rebuild our new Christchurch.

Drains and Developments mission:
“We will listen to our clients first to get the job done right.”

Sub Divisions

Drains and Developments is a keen player in the New Zealand residential land development market and we have big expectations to go with it.

Over the last 5 years we have been purchasing land and transforming into sections for residential use. Sections have been created in Akaroa and Rolleston with ongoing projects. 

Subdividing a property takes time so we work with a fantastic team of lawyers, surveyors and local council to get the jobs done smoothly.

All services are presented to the boundary when section has been divided.

Machinery Hire

Currently we are hiring our transporter and driver around the South Island.  Billing is done on a hourly rate with kilometres travelled.

Environmental Sustainability

Drains and Developments will go to great lengths to ensure the protection of the environment on and around all our project sites. We take great care in educating our staff in the impact of our work in the environment and consistently are looking for new ways we can improve our performances in this area.

As a responsible company we recognise that extra effort is necessary to ensure our environment is nurtured and protected for our future generations to come. Drains have project managed the dismantling of many building in the Christchurch region since February 22 Earthquake. Recycling has played a enormous part of the sustainability process. We made sure all our employees were given the appreciate safety equipment and clothing to safely separate timber, concrete and metals for the recycling process.

Drains and Developments have implemented a Health and Safety Plan for procedures directly relating to demolition works of houses where asbestos is present. A clear methodically listed guide is given to ensure our staff and the environment is kept safe at all times.