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Having extensive experience in the safe and efficient demolition of single and multi-storied buildings in Christchurch, Drains and Developments can safely demolish both commercial and domestic structures.   We will cover all traffic management, service location and disconnection, consent applications with all local authorities and the safe removal and recycling of demolition debris.

When it come’s to demolition, It’s not about the problem but the solutions to the problem.

Stevens Street

Stevens Street was a 2 Story steel framed, timber with block walls commercial premise.  Demolition work at Stevens street started on February 21st 2011, our guys were present for the big February 22 earthquake which further shook Christchurch’s.  Our men sadly watched our iconic AMI Stadium shake and shudder to it’s demise.  Luckily deconstruction was well underway and nobody was injured by falling tilt slab and concrete blocks.

Moorehouse Avenue

A 2 Story commercial premise on one of Christchurch’s busiest roads.  Traffic  management systems were put into place to eliminate any further inconvenient to road users.  These plans had to include travel plans for our heavy unit truck drivers to dispose of all concrete, metals and timber to the appropriate dumping zones.

Gayhurst Road

5 Year old home red stickered, the owners asked Drains and developments to undertake the deconstruction of their 2 storied family home as quickly as possible without inconvenience to their neighbours.  Because they were on a back section and on shared access driveway, we were mindful that heavy machinery and flying debris were a potential hazard to surrounding residents so we come up with a health and safety plan specific to their home as we do for every site.  Surrounding residents of 1km either side of their home were notified in writing of the demolition, expected disruption dates and travel plains.

Centaurus Road

A double storied Iconic home to the Murray Ansley area.  Residents again were notified in writing with traffic management plans and demolition intentions.   Waste management was somewhat harder for this site because it was a hill property and access was very difficult.   All debris were sorted on site for recycling stations which included Lyttelton Port where all Hard fill was dumped.

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