The location of a blocked drain is a easy task for our registered drain layers. We make the inspection easier by getting the drainage plans from CCC and trouble shooting the blocked drain. Our drain layers inspect the drainage layouts and use probing rods and cameras where necessary to locate your blockage.

Locating the position of a blockage is a process of elimination.

  1. We inspect the trap (DT), then the toilet bowl if it is on the ground floor. If the toilet bowl is clear but the FAI is overflowing, the blockage is probably at the interceptor trap or between the trap and the sewer. Interceptor traps have a tendency to block, so this is a good place to start.
  2. If the interceptor trap is clear then the blockage must be farther up the drain. However, if sewage is backed up at the interceptor trap then either the trap is the problem or the blockage is on the sewer side of the trap. Perhaps the sewer is blocked.
  3. Check neighbouring drains to eliminate or confirm a sewer blockage.
  4.  Clearing a blocked interceptor trap: When something is lodged in the trap, we will try to remove the debris rather than plunge it through into the sewer.