Health and Safety

Health and safety is a high priority when working for drains and developments. We are members of Site Safe NZ and our employee’s are current holders of the site safe passports, We do this because we know it is our responsibility to ensure that each employee and subcontractors will be provided with a safe and healthy place to work and as long as they are given the knowledge we can feel confident we have the right people on the job.

We give our staff a safety induction on each job and hold regular toolbox meetings to discuss concerns, issues and general safe practices. We test and tag all our equipment to make sure we are giving our employees a safe start each day.

Hazards are identified and we put control measures in place for each new job. We audit our gear, people and sites regularly. And keep records of all incidents reported.

All subcontractors are briefed by the foreman on each job on what is required by Drains and any safety issues that have been already discussed in a toolbox meeting earlier in the day.

Our safety record is that of a extremely high standard.

(a) No fatalities ever on dangerous work sites

(b) Minor strains on work sites have been reported and we have provided our employees with free treatment to recover safely and quickly from their injuries.